Solamita Sabaliauskaite Dip NNT, MNNA, GNC, CNHC

Hi there! I am Solamita (Soli), a fully qualified Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist having completed my three-year professional diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy at NHC. I am fully insured to practice and trained to meet NOS (National Occupational Standards) criteria appropriate to nutritional therapy and naturopathy. I see clients face-to-face in Manchester, Lithuania and am available for consultations via Skype or Zoom worldwide. Through Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy I support clients with a wide range of health conditions, such as hormonal issues, digestive health problems, fatigue and weight management, to name a few. But please do get in touch to discuss your own particular concerns.

I regularly attend continuing professional development (CPD) seminars and training programmes to keep updated with the latest research, skills and knowledge in nutrition to ensure I have the latest up-to-date information to support you and delve ever deeper into what it means to live a healthy and balanced life.



Currently I am living and working in Manchester, United Kingdom, but I was born and raised in Lithuania – small town called Telšiai. My educational background prior to Nutritional Therapy is in Events Management. I graduated from the University of Huddersfield, where I earned a First-Class Honours Degree in BA (Hons) Events Management. I did complete my one-year events & marketing placement at Careers and Employability Service, University of Huddersfield. After stepping my foot into a very stressful environment of events management, something inside me had shifted so strongly toward a life more in tune with the natural world that I knew my direction had to change. Then I enrolled in the three-year Naturopathic Nutrition diploma and started writing Healthy Happened blog as a means of documenting my journey to vitality, more conscious and mindful approach to living.

In 2016 I also became an author of the Nauja Draugystė su MAISTU (New Relationship with FOOD) Cookbook published by SMAGURIS, Lithuania. You can read more about it here Healthy Happened Cookbook here The Process of Making a Cookbook and here Knyga.

Nauja draugyste su maistu

To find out more about me and my journey, please read My Wellness Story and join me over on Instagram or Facebook where I post daily updates, recipes, inspiration and nutrition tips.


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Diploma (Dip NNT; 2014-2017), including supervised Clinical Practice training

Full member of Naturopathic Nutrition Association (MNNA), the professional association for Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists who practice in accordance with National Occupational Standards and Naturopathic Principles

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Associate member of General Naturopathic Council (GNC)

The University of Huddersfield BA (Hons) Events Management First Class Honours Degree (2011-2015)


It is a commitment of mine, and the requirement of the NNA and CNHC, to continuously seek to learn and broaden my knowledge therefore I do regularly attend various CPD seminars and training programmes. Here are some examples:

Seminar / Gut Adaptation (October 2017)

Seminar / Personalised Nutrition for Musculoskeletal Health (October 2017)

Webinar / Focus on Food Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances (September 2017)

Webinar / Fat for Menopause (July 2017)

Seminar / Female Hormones (January 2017)

Seminar / Supporting Mind, Memory & Mood (February 2017)

Webinar / Immune Defence – Friend or Foe? (August 2017)

Webinar / Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Natural Approach to Managing Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis (August 2016)

Training / Fundamental Skills for Nutritional Therapists (2016)

Training / Inflammation and Chronic Disease (2016)

Training / Weight Management Training (2014) – Western scientific and traditional Oriental approaches


Lamų slėnis / 365 Reasons to Live Healthier (March 2017)

VMG leidinys VERDU IR KEPU (Lithuanian Culinary Magazine) / Top 5 Foods to Support Immune System (March 2017)

VMG leidinys VERDU IR KEPU (Lithuanian Culinary Magazine) / Healthy Holidays (December 2016)

John Lewis Wellbeing 2016 campaign / Food and Nutrition Ambassador Spring 2016 (Printed: 1, 2) Ji24 / 5 didžiausios klaidos ruošiant daržoves (December 2016) Ji24 / Vaisiai ir daržovės – kelias į grožį ir gerą savijautą (October 2016) / Sveikos gyvensenos filosofija ir receptais Solamita Sabaliauskaitė sužavėjo 27 tūkst. „Instagram“ sekėjų (September 2015)

Šiaulių Naujienos / S. Sabaliauskaitė apie sveiką gyvenseną ir kūrybinę erdvę (August 2015)

Žurnalas Lietuvė / DIDŽIOJI BRITANIJA: Stebuklingi Gyvenimo Pokyčiai (August 2014) / Solamita Sabaliauskaitė – Sveiko ir Aktyvaus Gyvenimo Būdo Propaguotoja (July 2014)

About Healthy Happened

Healthy Happened is the platform for inspiring individuals to pursue a life of balance in wellness. Here we explore holistic health in all its many forms – combining diet, lifestyle, natural healing and self-awareness. With nourishing recipes, nutrition and wellness articles, Healthy Happened’s mission is to educate, inspire and help individuals to cultivate more balance, live a healthier and happier life in harmony with the planet and themselves. I am excited to bring you new and delicious recipes and refined tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way in my professional and personal health journeys. Together, we will explore a more gentle approach in taking care of your beautifully unique self.